We're passionate about nonprofits and small businesses .

All For Non-Profits and Small Businesses.

52 Alliance is an agency that offers consultation and managed services in various business areas for nonprofits and small businesses in the United States. We aim to help inspiring organizations leverage their capabilities, expertise, and resources for a greater impact on the world. 


Help nonprofits and small businesses increase ROI through improved technology.


A sustainable and equitable world where organizations are thriving and efficiently meeting their stakeholders' needs.

Why 52?

The name, 52 Alliance, originates from American Sign Language (ASL). The hand shapes of ‘five’ and ‘two’ are used to sign the concept of “purpose” or “meaning”. See the animation for the sign.

What we’re trying to say is that 52 Alliance represents opportunities for alliances towards an equitable world. 

Leadership at 52 Alliance

Small Headshot_ Katie Murch

Katie Murch, MBA

Founder & CEO


Katie loves to explore how we can work smarter within a purpose-centered life. After working for nonprofits for over 20 years, Katie felt like she wanted to make a bigger impact. She is passionate about marketing, efficiency, and strategy. 

She earned an MBA as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Marketing from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. She served as Miss Deaf Texas and runner-up to Miss Deaf America. Katie has worked with many organizations such as The Aspen Institute, Snowmass Tourism, Junior Achievement, National Association of the Deaf, Deafhood Foundation, and more.

When Katie sets aside time for herself, she is likely reading, cooking vegan meals, enjoying music, or stargazing in her backyard hammock with her happy Pomeranian. She has always lived in beautiful places like Berkeley and Aspen. Currently, that place is Austin, Texas.


Dr. Lesa Thomas

Development Expert


Lesa is a professional grant/proposal writer and copy editor, for nonprofits, for-profits, and individuals. She is also a subject matter expert for nonprofit board development and upper management training and support. After serving as an Executive Director for several nonprofits guiding the ship (or the tugboat), a successful grant writer for a top-notch University (in the Natural Sciences department), a number crunching budgeting guru for many, and an advocate for the Deaf community, Lesa is ready to continue her journey in helping others gain success.

A recent triumph was winning more than $600K in 4 months for clients or helping scientists receive more than $3M in 8 months for life-saving research. Lesa will say crunching 1,000 words into a 250 limit is a fun game.

When Lesa is not working, she enjoys gardening, cooking, hiking, and snowshoeing. Here’s a fun fact about Lesa. Her husband and she has tent camped in 49 states and most of Canada.