Improve ROI and organizational health with sustainable strategies.

Capitalize on opportunities and mitigate major risks.

Strengthen your strategic planning with in-depth industry reports that include forecasted growth rates, industry influences, trends and more. The more you know, the more you can grow.

Solidfy your mission and vision.

The mission and vision is the guiding point of every organization. When it is vague, lengthy, or flowery, the organization risks conflicting priorities and reduced ROI and impact. Get a complimentary review and see how your statements can become stronger.

Ensure core values are lived, not just said.

Core values are a major part of organizational culture. Thriving organizations have aligned and instilled their core values in every area of the organization. Don’t let your core value become just another framed photo on the wall. 

Strategic services can include:

Strategic Plan

Lay out a clear roadmap for success the next few years backed by quality research.

Industry Analysis

Get to know industry drivers to make informed strategic decisions


Is your organization where you want it to be in the minds of your clients and donors?

Stakeholder R&D

Dive in the heart of your stakeholders and build stronger relationships.

SWOT Analysis

Objectively identify organizational Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

Environmental Analysis

Address external influences that are impacting your success.

Efficiency Review

Discover gaps in your workflow that disrupts productivity and lowers ROI.

Sustainability Review

Ensure that your strategic plan is sustainable enough for a volatile world.

Strategic Goals

Identify top-level strategic goals and break them down to meaningful objectives for your team.

Key Success Factors

Ensure that organizational benchmarks are appropriate and healthy

Industry Players

Learn more about other nonprofits that serve similar missions or regions.

Five Force Analysis

Understand the competitive forces within your industry.

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So much to do, so little time (and resources). Sometimes it makes sense to let an agency like 52 Alliance do the work for you. We can take over the projects or tasks you want us to handle. We’ll work seamlessly with your team to ensure brand consistency and quality of service.

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