Grow your reach & impact through meaningful marketing.

Maximize program impact with quality lead conversions.

Your mission is important. Let’s get your message to the right people. A better understanding of your target market(s) will allow you to develop a meaningful experience for them. Effective processes give you more time to invest in relationships with the right clients and donors. 

Improve community engagement.

It’s not how many people follow you but how many people interact with your organization. Look beyond simple measures and use tested strategies to boost brand value and customer experience. More donations, grants, volunteers, and happy clients? We say, “yes please!”

Capitalize on opportunities and mitigate major risks.

Strengthen your strategic planning with in-depth industry reports that include forecasted growth rates, industry influences, trends and more. The more you know, the more you can grow.

Marketing services can include:

Market Research

Get an idea of what your audience wants and stay on top of upcoming trends.

Consumer Personas

Personalize your target market(s) for better planning and user experience.

Value Proposition

Develop or strengthen your value proposition to your key markets.


Stay relevant by cross-comparing internal data with industry benchmarks and organizational goals.


Maximize the rank of your website and content in internet searches.

Social Media

Build a consistent presence on multiple social media platforms that matches your markets' interests.

Content Marketing

Streamline the process for written or video content and strengthen your brand value.


Maximize the ROI of internet, radio, T.V., and print ads.

Email Campaigns

Keep your subscribers interested with consistent and relevant emails.


Make sure that your logo, colors, and other branding tools are meaningful.

Website Design

Create user-friendly and attractive experiences for clients, donors, staff, and other stakeholders.

Graphic Design

Produce impressive digital art or print publications for donors, clients, and more.

Annual Reports

Build value in the eyes of your donors, volunteers, and team members with quality annual reports.

Promotional Materials

Get professional and market-appropriate brochures, handouts, giveaways, and more.


Strengthen your content with our team and AI platform's contributions.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Boost your ROI in snail mail materials shared with stakeholders.

We make it as easy as possible. We're here for you.

You don’t have to do it all, especially not on your own. Let us do what we love to do, so you can do what you love to do.

Use our in-depth analysis to find the right solutions for your business. Working together, we’ll break down any problems your team faces and come up with recommendations so that you can make an informed decision to best grow your organization.

So much to do, so little time (and resources). Sometimes it makes sense to let an agency like 52 Alliance do the work for you. We can take over the projects or tasks you want us to handle. We’ll work seamlessly with your team to ensure brand consistency and quality of service.

While we are new, we are committed to growing the resource center for you. Blog articles, online courses, and other resources are designed to help you be more confident in leveraging your mission.

Grow your mission, not your to-dos.

We promise to not take up much of your time. We won’t haggle you, SPAM your emails, or sell your information. We hate that too.