Create sustainable financial health through effective fundraising.

Develop a community of loyal donors.

We need a purpose to make our lives meaningful. Your purpose will be exactly what someone is looking for. Let’s find the right donors, develop meaningful relationships, and grow a healthy donor base. Let your donors and partners bring you their friends.

Win more grants & partnerships.

A quality reputation builds a quality network of funders and partners. Ensure that funding requests are aligned with the right partners. Our certified grant writers can write grants or sponsorship proposals for you or work with your existing team.


Increase ROI of your fundraising campaigns.

Effective campaigns do not need to be expensive. It’s a matter of knowing your organization, donors, and partners well. Let’s learn from past campaigns, create new ones, and boost ROI. More dollars in the door means more program impact.

Fundraising services can include:


Produce a powerful proposal with certified grantwriters.

Donor Personas

Personalize your donor market(s) for better relationship building.

Digital Events

Host a fully digital or hybrid event that brings in donors from around the world.

Foundation Prospecting

Find the right foundation to maximize funding success.

Donor Management

Use an effective system to keep track of donors and donors for effective decision making.

Partner Prospecting

Attract the right sponsors to add value to your programs or events.

Digital Campaigns

Design an engaging online campaign to attract donors.

Peer Fundraising

Harness the power of community by enabling peer-to-peer initatives.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Boost your ROI in snail mail materials shared with stakeholders.

Inbound Donations

Create a presence that bring donors and partners to you

Partner Packages

Develop meaningful, cost-effective packages to attract and maintain partners.

Planned Giving

Carry out an cost-effective way of building donor legacy.

Annual Reports

Build value in the eyes of your donors and partners with quality annual reports.

Trend Events

Capitalize on proven strategies for events such as #givingtuesday or holidays that fit your mission.


Strengthen your content with our team and AI platform's contributions.

Online Giving

Capitalize on the internet's lack of geographical barriers and get more donations from around the world.

We make it as easy as possible. We're here for you.

You don’t have to do it all, especially not on your own. Let us do what we love to do, so you can do what you love to do.

Use our in-depth analysis to find the right solutions for your business. Working together, we’ll break down any problems your team faces and come up with recommendations so that you can make an informed decision to best grow your organization.

So much to do, so little time (and resources). Sometimes it makes sense to let an agency like 52 Alliance do the work for you. We can take over the projects or tasks you want us to handle. We’ll work seamlessly with your team to ensure brand consistency and quality of service.

While we are new, we are committed to growing the resource center for you. Blog articles, online courses, and other resources are designed to help you be more confident in leveraging your mission.

Grow your mission, not your to-dos.

We promise to not take up much of your time. We won’t haggle you, SPAM your emails, or sell your information. We hate that too. 

Fundraising Resources

Get fundraising related resources to build financial health and network.

Focus on what you love to do

Let us take over the tedious, complicated, frustrating tasks. We'll love to help you streamline your systems and resources to save money, boost team morale, and increase impact. 

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