Boost productivity and lower costs with effective technologies.

Work smarter, not harder.

Clients can easily sign up for appointments online, donors can download their receipts through your website, and your team can get important reports at the click of a button even when working from home. The best part? The system does most of the work for you so your team can have more time and energy to do more life-changing work.

Maximize your assets, not your costs.

The latest technology can become obsolete in just a few years, if not months. Quality planning and management can prolong the life of your assets and support seamless transitions to newer assets. No more long waits to open a file. No more wondering who has access to resources. Get quick help when IT issues pop up. Hey, it happens.

Work confidentialy with a secure network and system.

As more businesses move their resources and data to the cloud, they increase the risk of being hacked or compromised. Stakeholders, especially donors and clients, will not appreciate that. Work confidentially knowing that your network is secure and your cyber risk is minimal.

IT services can include:

Asset Management

Ensure that your computers, tablets, and other electronic devices are up to date and have the right programs so your team can do their job effortlessly.

Virtual Workspace

Whether you're employing a fully remote or hybrid system for team members, ensure that the system makes it easy for everyone to access their information and tools.


Make sure that your in-house and cloud networks play nice with all your devices and users.


Protect your assets from hackers and viruses and help your clients and donors feel secure working with you.


Set up a system to keep track of your clients, donors, volunteers, grant applications, and what-have-you. Leverage the power of your mission with this data.

Password Management

You wouldn't hand out copies of your house key to multiple people. Don't do the same with your passwords. Easily manage access to organization-related accounts.

Support Desk

Get help quickly when you're experiencing problems with your laptop, files, or software.

Updates & UpgradesPhoto by Franck on Unsplash

Get timely updates and upgrades to minimize interruptions to your workflow.

Let’s be honest, which office does yours look like right now? Which would you prefer? We are here to help.

We make it as easy as possible. We're here for you.

You don’t have to do it all, especially not on your own. Let us do what we love to do, so you can do what you love to do.

Use our in-depth analysis to find the right solutions for your business. Working together, we’ll break down any problems your team faces and come up with recommendations so that you can make an informed decision to best grow your organization.

So much to do, so little time (and resources). Sometimes it makes sense to let an agency like 52 Alliance do the work for you. We can take over the projects or tasks you want us to handle. We’ll work seamlessly with your team to ensure brand consistency and quality of service.

While we are new, we are committed to growing the resource center for you. Blog articles, online courses, and other resources are designed to help you be more confident in leveraging your mission.

Grow your mission, not your to-dos.

We promise to not take up much of your time. We won’t haggle you, SPAM your emails, or sell your information. We hate that too. 

IT Resources

Get IT related resources to boost productivity and security.

Focus on what you love to do

Let us take over the tedious, complicated, frustrating tasks. We'll love to help you streamline your systems and resources to save money, boost team morale, and increase impact. 

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